(written by Kirby Brown)


I wake up every morning just wishing I had a dog

‘Cause this bed gets lonely

I talk about the Good Days like they’re already gone

And all these women ain’t much to me

Like I used to always think they’d be

Hell, anyway

The sugar don’t taste as sweet since you’ve been gone

But I’ll move along


Truck stops, gift shops, dirty one-night hotels

The cathedrals of the highway

I’m giving my confession to a waitress at the Broken Bell

Now there’s a real fine diner

Where the coffee all tastes like dirt

And nobody’s gotta feel no hurt

Anyway you come is plenty way enough for you to feel at home

‘Til you move along


I slip into the church house wishing that I belonged

But that ain’t me

See, it used to feel all right feeling I was always wrong

But now I see lenders at the temple door

So the Man don’t hang around no more

And His house ain’t been the same since He’s been gone

I guess He moved along


Yes, I’ve got a good life, even though it’s so damned strange

I spend all my time looking for the sunshine standing in the pouring rain

Still trying to find me

That lamb in a lion’s den,

Or a love that you could try again

Or any ol’ earthbound angel just singing her own sweet song

With a thumb in the air, asking me if she can come along

And we’ll go kicking our way through a land where we don’t belong

‘Til I move along

I’ll move along